Does Stress Cause Hair and Scalp Problems?

Without a doubt the answer is yes. Stress can most definitely cause many different skin, hair, fingernail and of scalp issues. We do microscopic hair analysis to look at people’s hair. We have been doing this for 22 years. It is one of the best ways to determine what is causing a person’s hair issues. Without getting into major detail – with a polarizing microscope the hair will show different colors based on how healthy it is – when we put it under the microscope.

It was about 95% that when we saw the medula of the hair as yellow under the microscope the situation was stress and it was both chronic and a lot of times very specific. When people could not find answers to their hair and scalp issues they would ask us to look them under the microscope. Here is one of the pictures>

1-bacteriaroot-a (1)-microscope

In this hair the problem was not the nutrition part of the hair instead it was the black bacteria and probably some either yeast or fungus down inside the hair follicle. This was causing massive or intense itching and flaking on the scalp.

If you look at the picture you can see as you travel up the hair it stays green with a slight outter yellow edge. In a stress hair the yellow would start down i the build and continue yellow up the shaft of the hair.

One of the first places that stress effects is the minor circulation veins and the blood flow. This is why many people under stress the first place they show it is with rashes on their faces, itching and flaking on the skin and the scalp. Hands will often it and similar.

So without doing a quick overhaul in your life what can you do help with stress hair problems including thinning, hair loss, scalp problems and more?

Nutrition, stimulation and hydration! This is why Zicplex hair products are so good. The herbs are designed to irrigate out bacteria, hormones, fungus and more. These are barriers to proper blood flow and they cause inflammation squeezing the hair’s micro blood vessels. Zinc pca is also a natural dht inhibitor so for men and women that have dht in the follicle it is important to learn about zinc pca and why it is vital.

I know this was a short and quick note but to be honest just get these products and let them go to work. Once you start seeing them work you will also feel relief which will lessen the stress. Eat a nutrition filled an protein diet. For many women’s that are havig scalp sores or hair loss from what we believe to be stress we simply have them eat more protein – once girl at a ton of peanut butter and used the Zincplex products religiously. Within 6 months her scalp was balanced and all the symptoms has dissipated to nothing.

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Its A Must – Clean Out The Hair Follicle and Great Hair and Scalp Will Follow

It’s not rocket science but then again…understanding why so many people suffer with a deluge of scalp problems doesn’t really make me wonder. I actually kind of get it. Think of it this way. The scalp has a lipid barrier and this barrier helps to protect the skin and even the hair follicle itself from infestation of the overtaking of by very specific yeast, fungus and bacteria. One of the most prevalent on the scalp is the malassezia furfur fungus. This is on everyone’s scalp but for people with dandruff it is at a higher percentage and for the people with seborrheic dermatitis it is even at a higher percentage yet.

May people that suffer from seborrheic dermatitis can tell you that at some point they took an arsenal of anti biotics. These destroy both the good and the bad bacteria on the scalp  – so guess who takes over – yep the fungus. The result is a huge problem with the scalp including itching, flaking and of course for some scalp sores.

For others scalp sores did not come from the imbalance that occurs from the antibiotic but instead from a break down in the lipid barrier on the scalp’s surface. We believe that higher ph shampoos can be a big reason for this. The natural ph level of the scalp skin is acidic. This helps to ward off the bad bacteria and fungus. Yet many of today’s top and bottom rung shampoos raise the ph level. Without a doubt this can contribute to many of the problems. So what can ou do about it. Simple. use a shampoo and conditioner designed to keep the delicate balance of the scalp’s natural defense system.

The results is healthy growing hair and a scalp that gleems with health!

Order The Products That You Need Here


Remember that to treat scalp sores you need to spot check. Some of them can be bleeding, infected, with pus, oozing an or scabby or scabbing up. The lotion seems to work well by using it first for a couple of days.


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A Healthy Scalp Starts With A Healthy Hair Follicle – Zincplex Brand Products!

For years many people ask why they are having the hair products and scalp issues that they are having. Without a doubt the answer always seems to come back to the same thing. How healthy is your hair follicle. Hair grows from the dermal papilla. Many believe that the circulation and supply to the hair root weaken with time. We also feel that way but we don’t agree with why.

Hair circulation is based on nutrition that is carried through blood flow and oxygen. These two are used to hair growth. This is very similar to gas in a car and oxygen for the combustion of an engine. A clogged hair follicle hampers both the blood supply and also the oxygen. Also a clogged hair follicle creates the perfect breeding ground for fungus and bacteria. So what can you do to create the perfect environment for hair growth, nutrition flow and all around gorgeous hair. DEEP CLEANSE the follicles and restore growth. This is similar to cleaning your cars air filter and gas/oil filter. Unclog and see wonders. Read our next article to see what actually causes the follicle to get clogged and exactly what to do to unclog. In the mean time visit our site and get your hair and scalp regimen started. Year and Year Zincplex is the #1 Voted Set of Products for healthy hair and scalp. Visit our website and learn what you can do help ease the Tender or Sensitive scalp you have and then how to eliminate the condition that might cause future problems.

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Eyebrow, Beard and Mustache Dandruff or Flakes

This is one of the most common questions that we get asked. Is there anything that can be done for the flaking and itching that men suffer in their eyebrows, mustache or even the beard whether it be the cheeks, chin or neck area. Often times this is referred to as seborrheic dermatitis. Oddly enough if you were to shave the area the symptoms that you are having might go away. It is the excess sebum or oil production by the sebacceous gland that is designed to protect the hair and shaft from dryness and infestation from fungus and bacteria.

However, the sebum is also the food source of certain types of fungus. These are normal fungi that are found on every scalp man or woman but when an imbalance occurs is when the issues happen. Many people think that it is from dryness. But that is typically not the case.  For beard dandruff we strongly suggest you try Zincplex Shampoo and also the Scalp Lotion and Conditioner can make a huge difference when used together.

If you do not have a beard or facial hair but are having itching and redness on the sides of the nose, behind the ears or in the outter part of the ears then Zincplex is also something that you should use for that. To see what makes this herbal and zinc based product so amazing check out the website.

For nearly 20 years this formulation has been amazing for women, men, teens and others that do not want to use the harsh medicated shampoos or for those that are not getting the results that you want. And remember long term use from the tar and head shoulders type products is not recommended by the manufacturer.

For more information or to order visit but we also have products up on the shopping page here on this site.

1-zincshampookit (1)

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Scalp Blisters Caused By Stress

Without a doubt stress affects the hair and the scalp with different types of problems. One of the most common is the scalp blister that arise anywhere on the scalp from the font to the crown, to the back of the head.

This is typically caused by the hormones that are secreted and the excess scalp oils that often times get stuck inside the hair follicle. Excess bacteria, fungus and other breakdown in the natural scalp and hair defense system can allow the problem to remain out of control.

This is why it is important to have ingredients like thyme, sage, fenugreek and most importantly zinc pca. This natural form of zinc is known for its proven anti fungal and anti bacterial properties. The results are second to none allowing your follicle and the skin on your head to normalize. This means to you eliminate symptoms like itching, flaking, dandruff, sores, blisters, thinning and much more.

Order Zincplex kits above by clicking on the link to products. 

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Two Products + 15 Years = Results

Yes, there are products out there that are what is referred to as medicated shampoos like T Gel and Head and Shoulders and Ketaconazal and much more. They have chemical anti fungals and yes they do typically work – FOR A SHORT TIME.

If you are looking for lasting results with regards to your follicle, surface of the head – the skin and also the the dermal papilla and cortex of the hair then you are going to have to spend more time and science on creating a good environment for all of the above.

Yes, there are natural ways to  restore proper ph. The ph barrier is the skins natural defense to fungus and bacteria. Yet most shampoos and condtioners do not do anything to help with this and many actually break down the lipid barrier on the skin.

For 15 Years this mixture along with the proper ph forming ingredients have consistently created long term results. VISIBLE and LASTING. Give it a 30 day try. Buy from us or you can buy from Amazon.

Scalp Sores Treatments are hard to find. Start here and see why most are only temporary while Zincplex has been a story for over 15 years. Helping both men and women to create healthy hair and scalp.


Ain’t Nobody Got Time For A Crusty Scalp!

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Blood Vessel Restoration For The Scalp

Is there a way to restore good blood flow to the scalp?

The answer is that if you can you have found the answer to aging hair and an aging scalp. Lack of blood flow results in coarser hair in many but also thinning depending on the imbalance of hormones in the follicle for both men and women.

To answer the question even further we can tell you about a couple of ingredients that literally blew us away. The 1st was Yarrow and The Second was pomegranate. In our research on skin items we found that appearance of redness in skin pretty much dissipated after using a very high quality pomegranate and yarrow mix.

But how – why? These two showed to repair the blood vessel. And since the scalp is about blood flow we had to put it in a shampoo and see. The result was nothing short of remarkable. The only draw back was that the ingredients at high efficacy levels were expensive. But they only work when you use high efficacy. This isnt yarrow tincture from the local herb shop.  But once again the results were phenomenal.

If you are over 35 and either female or male then you need this. Whether you try it or not your hair follicle is fed by a super micro small series of blood vessels. Hormones, dirt, debris and other items are constantly working against you to destroy that blood flow. Do yourself a huge favor and try this amazing shampoo an conditioner or lotion. They are second to none and already a hot seller. If it is sold out hang tight as we are working overtime to keep up with demand.

Yarrow Palm Anti Aging Circulation Shampoo



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What Shampoo Do You Use For Fungus or Bacteria in Your Hair?

For years this has been a common question. Do you use a medicated treatment like a lotion or possibly a shampoo. Do you take anti fungal pills? What is the best way.

This was our question as well as we suffered with the same problem. This products – Zincplex was created out of necessity by the owner. Dealing with the same problem for years that never seemed to want to relent the Owner and Part Creator researched and found one of the best combination of products to create long term visible results with herbs and a super ingredient that is derived from natural zinc.

This ingredient combination performed in a way that was natural and safe but super effective. It is so effective that nearly 15 years later many of the 1st set of customers still use the product with massive and marked results. The repeat customer percentage is through the roof. So read about the ingredients but also try it. Try it for 30 days.

Do not make a judgement before the 30 days. This is because the ingredients are working at a deeper level to deep cleanse and purify your scalp but also the hair follicle. This is why the results are so amazing. Give it a shot and see why we are consistently the top choice – The #1 choice for those that have scalp problems.

Order Products Here

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Scalp Sores and Hair Loss

Many people that suffer from sores will often suffer from hair loss or thinning. This can be in men and women. It is not gender specific and it can happen to Black, Caucasian, Asian and any age.

The reason that the hair is thinning is because of the inflammation that is inside the hair follicle. The real question is not what is causing the hair to thin but instead what is causing the inflammation. Most of the time it is really simple. Fungus, Bacteria and or DHT can all build up in the hair follicle and prevent the shaft from growing as it should.

The hair follicle is really similar to between your teeth. For those that do not floss there will be some type of bacteria growth where you can not clean. Your hair follicle is very similar. If after years of using sticky hair products, shampoos that build up and the build up of hormones in the scalp, you do not deep cleanse then their can be a variety of hair problems that are caused by the unwanted growth.

The result is inflammation. Think of Zincplex as your dental floss. Let its ingredients get to work. Sebum or scalp oils can get really hard. They can build up with a feel of that close to a hard candy. We do not know of another shampoo that was designed to tackle this problem. If you are suffering from painful, oozing, red spots, bumps or similar or if you want to to try and prevent the appearance of all the above then order the Zincplex kit. Click the products link and order there. For over 10 years Zincplex has been the top choice of 10,000s of 1000’s of customers. Order today and see why it remains as a the customers top choice for healthy hair, eyebrows, beard and scalp.

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Watch This Video About Zincplex – Voted Top Again!

There really isnt a secret anymore about the special ingredients inside of Zincplex. Many other companies are trying to find that magic mix of that special form of zinc and purifying herbs that Zincplex made famous. However no one has been able to yet.

There is no doubt that a healthy scalp is created and maintained. our daily lives create excess build up on the scalp and a degeneration of the quality of the hair follicle. This degradation concludes with many different hair and scalp problems. If you want Healthy hair and a healthy scalp again then order today and give Zincplex a try. Remember it takes time for the balance of the scalp to be created again so make sure to use for at least 30 days.  Visit our products page above to order and to learn more about this amazing product.

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