Open and Itchy Scalp Sore and Treatments

Even if you have tried other remedies or treamtents for scalp sores please read this!

For years I suffered with Scalp Sores on all parts of my head. They would pop up anywhere, but mainly on the crown of my head and the back right where my neck and the back of the had meet. These sores would drive me a little crazy, eventhough you couldn’t see them they were open and they would itch like absolute crazy. At time is was maddening. However I DON’T HAVE THAT PROBLEM ANYMORE!

What Did The Doctors Say About These Sores?

My mother shuffled me off to the dermatologist at age 18 telling me that the doctor would have the remedy. He would have the answers to horrible sore spots. However, after leaving and getting a prescription, then trying it for several days I got a little symptom relief but not much more! They quickly came back. By the way, along with the sore spots I also had severe itching and flaking all over my hair line, back of the head, inside my ears and eyebrows. I have since gotten all of this to go away with the occasional mild flare once in a blue moon. The doctor called all of this Seborrheic Dermatitis or Seborrhea. He told me I was allergic to my own scalp oils. Since then I have realized that he was only partially right. Actually he was minimally correct?

What Causes The Sores?

This was the biggest puzzle but when I finally talked to a trichologist (a person whoe studies hair- basically a sceintist of the hair). He told me that it is a fungus and the fungus is form the malassezia genome. Soon after he told me this Proctor and Gamble came out and said that they figured out the Malasszeia was cause of dandruff. Basically Seborrheic Dermatitis is a severe form of dandruff. What the dermatologist was right about was that it feeds off the scalp oils.

What Treatment Changed Everything?

It was the typical drug store or grocery store shampoo like T Gel or Head and Shoulders or Even Nizoral. It was an ingredient. This ingredient was called zinc pca. The same trichologist that I had been working with to solve my scalp problem told me that I ought to make a shampoo that had this amazing form of zinc in it. He had been right on everything so fat so why not?

I had 400 bottles of this formula made up. He also told me that he put in special herbs to break down the scalp oils as well as the dirt and grime that collects inside the hair follicle where bacteria and fungus can hide and feed.

The Results were amazing. This was 15 years ago. Today I am still symptom free – except for the mild and very occasional flare up! I can’t tell you have these hair products have changed my life when nothing else did. Today the name of this Product line is called Zincplex. It is consistently ranked as the Top Herbal Based Healthy Scalp Products. We believe that if offers long term results when other products offer very short term solutions!

here is what I used to get rid of itchy and oily scalp problems


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