Zinc PCA Is The Proven Ingredient For Scalp & Hair Issues

Zinc Pca is proven to eliminate the 3 actual causes of itchy scalp. The very first is the excess abundance of yeast that is found in the adult male and female scalp. The second excess oils that contribute to an overgrowth of follicle bacteria and the third is excessive amounts of hormones in the scalp!

All or any 3 of these can cause massive scalp problems. The good news is that testing has been done on numerous actives and ingredients – some of these are natural and some are not. The one that shined is a natural based ingredient called Zinc PCA.

It has been known in the scientific and formulating worlds for years that zinc is extremely effective against seborrheic dermatitis and dandruff. However, the results were typically temporary! By adding the pca component to the zinc the results lasted longer and here is why.

Zinc pca has been proven to be a natural fungus and bacterial killer. This fungus and bacteria are the two top reasons for almost all scalp problems. It is also been proven to prevent dht formation in the hair follicle. Preventing excess scalp hormones prevents many scalp and hair related problems including but not limited to itchy head, folliculitis, hair fall, thinning hair and both male and female pattern baldness.

Where Can You Buy Zinc Pca Shampoo?

The most well known Zinc Pca shampoo is Zincplex. It includes an herbal complex that actually deep cleanses and also purifies deep inside the hair follicle. It is the natural, herbal dandruff shampoo and has been for nearly 7 years!

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