How It Worked For Me and My Scalp Sore Problem

Zincplex is the result of over 20 years of searching for ingredients that would heal my itching, bleeding, flaking and overall embarrassing scalp problem. Like most people that are reading the blog I had tried all the products including Selsun Blue, Head and Shoulders, T Gel etc. Some of these, if not all of these helped somewhat but the results did not last.

This told, or showed me several things. The first it showed me was that these products did have an effect on the actual cause, even the effects didn’t last that long, the did have an effect.

In Summary – the scalp can become unhealthy and the result is that both bacteria and very specific yeast can take over the hair follicle and the top layers of the skin in the scalp. The result is plentiful, including sores on your scalp that can be open and bleeding as well as very itchy. You can also flaking, dandruff symptoms, itching as well as bumps and acne. All of these can be mild or severe depending on many different things. The dandruff shampoos tend to focus just on the yeast, however the over growth of bacteria must also be addressed. This is why the ingredient zinc pca is so important. It goes after both! The shampoo Zincplex is the result of using over 10 different natural based ingredients to attack these problems from many different directions. The result is a symptom free scalp! Try Zincplex today and see why it is the Top Ranked natural Solution for Scalp Issues!

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