A Simple Solution With A Tough Acting Product – Zincplex

For those of us that have suffered with hair and scalp issues, you know how embarrassing often time very frustrating it can be. Problems that range from seborrheic dermatitis, to bumps and acne to fungal issues that often causes sore spots and bleeding. So what can you do to help?

Most products on the market do nothing to actually help with the cause of the problem. Here is the main cause of most scalp problems. Because the follicle goes down into the scalp it actually acts like a bucket – catching dirt, debris, grime and then actually traps it down in the hair follicle. This is the perfect breeding grounds for bacteria. When you mix all of those with sebum then you get a hardened outside that actually coats the hair follicle opening. This prevents all the bacteria, fungal build up and dirt and debris fro mexiting – hence a nasty problem.

This is why Zincplex was created. A special focus was placed on herbs that break down the hardened sebum and help to eradicate the build up in and around the follicle. These herbs are designed to deep cleanse but also to purify. However, Zincplex also went one step further by adding an amino acid derivative from zinc. This amazing, natural form of zinc is known and proven to eliminate bacteria and fungus where applied. Natural yes but very, very effective!

If you suffer from scalp problems then we strong suggest that you rebalance your scalp. Try Zincplex today.

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here is what I used to get rid of itchy and oily scalp problems

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