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A Simple Solution With A Tough Acting Product – Zincplex

For those of us that have suffered with hair and scalp issues, you know how embarrassing often time very frustrating it can be. Problems that range from seborrheic dermatitis, to bumps and acne to fungal issues that often causes sore … Continue reading

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How It Worked For Me and My Scalp Sore Problem

Zincplex is the result of over 20 years of searching for ingredients that would heal my itching, bleeding, flaking and overall embarrassing scalp problem. Like most people that are reading the blog I had tried all the products including Selsun … Continue reading

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Zinc PCA Is The Proven Ingredient For Scalp & Hair Issues

Zinc Pca is proven to eliminate the 3 actual causes of itchy scalp. The very first is the excess abundance of yeast that is found in the adult male and female scalp. The second excess oils that contribute to an … Continue reading

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Open and Itchy Scalp Sore and Treatments

Even if you have tried other remedies or treamtents for scalp sores please read this! For years I suffered with Scalp Sores on all parts of my head. They would pop up anywhere, but mainly on the crown of my … Continue reading

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Small Bumps All Over My Head

For years I have had small bumps all over my head – she told me! She also explained that sometimes they itched but most of the time the did not. When I looked I saw that there were some small … Continue reading

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Right Ways To Eliminate Symptoms Of Seborrheic Dermatitis

Seborrheic dermatitis is becoming more common these days and it appears on the head as well as other areas like skin folds or on creases at nose, in the ears and ear canals as well as the eyebrows, bears, around … Continue reading

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Does Your Diet Affect Dandruff

Sufferers of dandruff have their own form of worries or concern that non-sufferers may not have. There are some people who see dandruff as a life threatening, but it is not. It is a condition of scalp where the flakes … Continue reading

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